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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures among residents of Fort Lauderdale and the entire United States. Last year there were nearly 350,000 breast augmentation procedures performed in the US alone. As continuous advances in technology make the procedures safer, less invasive, and the outcome more natural, the number of procedures performed each year continue to rise.


Why Breast Augmentation ?


Each year, more and more women are choosing breast augmentation to enhance their breast size and improve the appearance of their breasts. Women decide to undergo breast enhancement surgery for varying reasons. For example, breast augmentation surgery can help balance disproportionate breast size and shape, or for those who are happy with the shape of their breasts, the surgery may be used simply to make their breasts fuller.

Other women may decide to have breast enhancement surgery after experiencing changes that occur naturally with age, during pregnancy, after breast feeding or after losing a substantial amount of weight.


What You Should Know if You are Considering Breast Augmentation Surgery


If you are thinking about having surgery to enhance the shape of your breasts, it is important to know what is involved and what to expect before making your decision.

Today, cosmetic surgery gives you several individualized options for changing the shape and size of your breasts. It is important to discuss your desired goals with your plastic surgeon so you can decide, together, what size and what type of implant best fits your individual needs.


Breast Augmentation Basics


Breast augmentation surgery is typically done by inserting an implant either behind the breast tissue behind the chest muscle. Depending on your aesthetic goals, breast implants can be placed in different positions and come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. These decisions should all be made with your surgeon ahead of time.

Most breast augmentation procedures are performed in an office or hospital operating room using general anesthesia; the procedures usually take 2 hours.


What to Expect After Surgery


Your breasts will be sore, bruised and swollen due to the stretching of the skin and the incisions. Women who undergo breast augmentation surgery are advised not to do any heavy lifting following the procedure and are typically instructed to wear a surgical bra for a few weeks. You should expect to go back to work within a week and back to your normal routine within a few weeks after surgery.


Fort Lauderdale Breast Augmentation Specialist Dr. Tracey Stokes


Enhancing the size and improving the appearance of your breasts can boost your self confidence and improve your overall quality of life. If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, contact Dr. Tracey Stokes to schedule a consultation.

Fort Lauderdale cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Stokes built her practice with the belief that open communication between her and her patients’ is one of the most important factors in ensuring client satisfaction.

Breast Augmentation Fort Lauderdale expert Dr. Stokes built her practice with the belief that open communication between her and her patients’ is one of the most important factors in ensuring client satisfaction. Contact her today to discuss your goals.


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